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Audiojunkie Professional Music Production Techniques, Tips and Tutorials for vocals, drum programming and instruments

Here you can find a range of music production tips to help you develop new skills, brush up on those you have forgotten or (for the more experienced producers) compare our methods.

Check out ’30 Second Production Tips’ for quick, but incredibly useful, techniques that will take your production to the next level. For those wanting more detail, I have also created a series of ‘Advanced’ tutorials that walk you through the processes I use in my productions.

Advanced Production Techniques

Live Drum Programming

An in-depth look at the techniques that I use to program realistic sounding drums.

Vocal Production

An in-depth guide for creating high-quality vocal parts.

Program Realistic Instruments

Achieve greater depths of realism when programming virtual instruments and sample libraries.

30 Second Production Tips

Free professional production tips, mixing and mastering tutorials, pro mastering tips

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