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Lincolnshire Music Production Services, Audiojunkie Songwriter and Producer, Songwriting Services, Vocal Services

Previous production credits and features, including:

Music recording and production services

 Working with you to bring your musical visions to life

From concept to completion, we will take your musical visions and help bring them to life. With a wide range of recording and production services on offer to suit a range of budgets, we will deliver the professional results you need to make your music stand out. Contact us today to find out how we can help you on your next project.
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Production Services

Instrumental or full-song 
Mixing & Engineering
Synth Programming
Instrument Programming
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Songwriting Services

Lyric Writing
Ghost Writing
Song Concepts
Sync Music
Artist Development

Vocal Services

Full Vocal Production
Vocal Recording
Pitch Correction
Vocal Timing
On-site Recording
Dialogue & Narration
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Production Services

Recording, mixing and mastering

Are you an artist looking for an experienced producer who can make your songs stand out? Well, here at Audiojunkie, creating exceptional music is what we do! We will work with you through all stages of production to create something that truly exceeds your aspirations.
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Vocal Services

Make your vocals sing

The vocal track is arguably one of the most important parts of your track, so you want a performance that, not only, sounds great but blends perfectly with your instruments. We provide a range of vocal recording and production services that will make your track shine.
Songwriting Services Piano 2.jpg

Songwriting Services

Capturing the mood

If you have a new song concept, a great chord progression, or some thought provoking lyrics and need help to take those ideas forward, we can help you develop your musical ideas and craft them into something you can be proud of. 
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