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We have partnered with Black Octopus to create a series of sample packs for producers and songwriters that are looking for high-quality samples for music production. Here you will find Bass Samples, Drum Samples, Synth Samples, Piano Samples, Plucks, Keys, Real Instruments, Vocal Samples, one-shots, loops and more.

There are thousands of high-quality drum loops, synth loops and effects, all available in a variety of tempos, so you can be sure to find the perfect samples for your track, whatever your musical taste and genre. All samples are available to download now from your favourite online sample resource, including Splice, Producer Loops, Big Fish Audio and Sonic Academy.

PLUS, you can find a bunch of FREE samples available for you to download and enjoy. So grab them now and start creating, today!

Make It Pop 2, sample pack, pop music samples, vocal samples, audiojunkie, lincoln music studio

Make It Pop 2 is the next sample pack to follow on from the hugely successful Make It Pop, which charted at number 6 in Splice’s biggest selling sample packs. This pack covers a variety of styles of modern pop music and is packed with the kind of catchy hooks that define the biggest pop hits by the biggest pop artists.

Pack includes:


160 Melodic Loops (Bass, Keys, Plucks, Vocals, Real Instruments, Synth, Guitar & FX)

56 One-Shots (Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Percussion, 808’s)

44 Drum Loops

3 Full Song Starters

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Intimate Piano Audiojunkie Sample Packs, Black Octopus, Piano Samples, Pop Samples, Cinematic Samples, Trap Samples, Hip Hop Samples

The Intimate Piano sample pack was created using a beautifully sampled Bechstein grand piano. All of the original key and pedal noises have been retained to add to the authenticity of the performance. This pack will turn your next production into a masterpiece.

Pack includes:

84 Piano Loops

84 Midi Loops

Ranging from 90bpm - 130bpm

4 full Song-Starters

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Make It Pop, Audiojunkie Sample Packs, Black Octopus, Digit Music, Drum Samples, Pop Samples, Bass Samples, Synth Samples, Vocal Samples

The Make It Pop sample pack is a collection of expertly crafted loops and one-shots, covering a broad range of pop music styles and crossover genres. This pack is designed for producers who want that ‘Chart’ sound and need the tools to get them there.

Pack includes:

76 Drum Loops

109 Melodic Loops (Bass, Piano, Guitar, Keys, Plucks, Real Instruments, Synths and Vocals)

158 One-Shots (Bass, Chords, Drums & FX)

3 full Song-Starters

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Universal Bass, Audiojunkie Sample Packs, Black Octopus, Digit Music, Drum Samples, Pop Samples, Bass Samples, Synth Samples, Vocal Samples

The Universal Bass sample pack is collection of bass focused loops and one-shots, carefully designed and processed to make the low-end of your tracks drive. Covering both live and synthesised bass, this pack has something for every producer, regardless of genre. And, with one-shots that span a full octave, you never need to worry about unwanted artefacts in your bass notes through pitch editing or time-stretching.

Pack includes:

105 Live and Electronic Bass Loops in tempos 95bpm, 110bpm, 128bpm, 140bpm

708 One-Shots (808’s, Bass Guitar, Heavy Synth, Minimal Synth)

3 full Song-Starters

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Free drum samples, free synth samples, free bass samples, free vocal samples, free samples download
Free Samples, Audiojunkie Sample Packs, Black Octopus, Digit Music, Drum Samples, Pop Samples, Bass Samples, Synth Samples, Vocal Samples

Every producer loves a new set of samples to work with and it's even better when they are free! Don't mistake the word 'free' for 'lesser quality' though, we invested just as much time and energy into making these samples as we do for the packs you can purchase. In this pack you will find a selection of high-quality kicks, snares, high hats and percussion. Plus, to get you started, we have also included some awesome hooks, spanning a variety of tempos.

Pack includes:

10 Drum One-shots

10 Drum Loops (Various Tempos)

10 Melodic Loops (Various Tempos)

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