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Audiojunkie Professional Music Production Techniques, Tips and Tutorials for vocals, drum programming and instruments

Audiojunkie professional production tips and tutorials for beginners and advanced musicians

Our 30 Second Production Tips videos are quick, but incredibly useful, techniques that will take your production to the next level. We use these techniques everyday with professional musicians in our Lincoln recording studio!

Pre-fade & Post-fade

In this tutorial I explain the difference between pre and post fade when using send effects

EQ'ing Reverbs

In our latest 30 Second Production Tips video, we tell you how to EQ reverbs when used as a send effect.

Parallel Compression

This production technique can help you achieve punchier drums, driving synths and cut-through vocals

Manual Vocal Levelling

If you're struggling to make your vocal recordings 'sit' well in your mix this 30 Second Production Tips video will show you what we do to get the best from our recordings.


What is saturation and how can it be used to make your recordings sound better? We'll tell you how to use saturation to give your tracks extra warmth and colour.

Multiband Sidechaining

Multiband sidechaining is a great way to fix conflicts in a recordings frequency range, in a more transparent way than straight sidechaining.

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